An Australian mummy blogger has come under fire after a picture of a young boy in ‘black face’ was posted to the writer’s Facebook page.

Popular writer, Constance Hall, received a barrage of abuse, including death threats after a Perth Mother uploaded a a photo of her son dressed as AFL star, Nic Naitanui for Book Week.  

The photo was quickly deleted on Thursday night but was up long enough to spark debate. 

The photo shows the boy sporting a dreadlocked wig and covered in dark paint, with a West Coast Eagles jumper. 

The woman wrote on Facebook, “I was a little worried about painting him (so many political correct extremists these days) he is pasty white and if I just sent him in a wig and footy gear, no one would tell who he was.” 

She then labelled the costume a ‘parenting win’ after her son took out first prize in the parade. 

The Perth mother has since been labelled a racist, but she says she was just letting her nine-year-old son live out his dream of being his idol. 


The mummy blogger caught up in saga, took to Facebook today to share her own side of the story. 

She made an emotional plea saying, “I’m in a hotel room bathroom crying my eyes out on the floor. They are so puffy that I can barely see through them.” 

“I didn’t think I was shaming her at all, I clearly stated that I don’t believe she is racist at all, she has a beautiful son with a great hero. I just don’t think we should paint our kids in blackface if it offends and hurts people,” she said. 

West Coast Eagles star, Nic Naitanui has also weighted into the debate, saying he was ‘hurt’ by the photo, but he did not believe the boy’s mother meant to cause offence. 

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