We’re all trying out new hobbies and activities while stuck at home in self-isolation. Some people are taking to the kitchen, others are hoping on the DIY train and some are spending their time getting in touch with their creative sides.

And it seems that Kyle is no different!

While bored at home, Kyle decided to order something that he saw on TV in order to try out a new activity… pottery!!

Yep, Kyle ordered himself a pottery wheel and a big lump of clay! We’ll just give you a moment to picture Kyle sitting at home on a stool in front of his pottery wheel moulding the clay… Honestly it’s hilarious but good on him for giving something new a go!

It call came up during Jackie’s O News this morning when Jackie was talking about how Seth Rogan has been making his own vases at home!

“I’m doing exactly the same as Seth!” Kyle admitted. “Exactly because I’ve ordered, and this is not a joke, a pottery wheel and a big block of clay.”

“Have you really?” Jackie asked.


“Yeah, that’s weird right?” Kyle replied.

“That is really bizarre,” Jackie laughed.

Turns out Kyle was watching Foxtel and saw one of those shopping channel ads for the pottery wheel and decided to give it a crack himself.

“I just saw an ad and I thought I might as well do that,” Kyle told us. “It’s nice to do a different hobby.”

Although Kyle isn’t exactly like Seth. Instead of making vases he said he’s more likely to attempt to make himself an ashtray.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see what creations Kyle comes up with!


Hear more in the podcast below!

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