If you’re going crazy for the Woolworth’s Lion King Ooshies collectables, then take note!

Following on from his Big Shop Swap with the Coles Little Shop items, Kyle is now going to do a similar swap meet with the Woolworths variation to help out those wanting to collect them all.

And to make things a little more interesting, he’s got a very, VERY RARE Ooshie that he wants to give to one of our listeners…

While we’ve already seen some rare versions of the little Lion King figurines out there that are actually being sold on Ebay for THOUSANDS of dollars, Kyle’s one has been described as ultra rare, with only 100 of them actually made.

Well, we guess there’s one fewer of them out on the streets now because Kyle is in possession of a FURRY Simba Ooshie!

“Not only have I got these Ooshies… But there’s a furry Oohsie… There’s only going to be 99 in circulation because I’ve got the other one,” Kyle told us this morning.

“There’s 100 Australia wide and I’ve got one!”


Do you want it? Then get thinking people! What can you offer Kyle that will get him to swap the furry simba toy with you?

(Hint: he reaaaallllyyy wants a boat…)

Let’s hope the rarity of the item gives Kyle a bit more luck with this swapping segment (unlike the only lying fiasco with his Big Shop!)


“We’re going to try and do this thing again where I get swapped out something that’s actually good rather than all your dumb stupid things that you tried to give me for the Coles stuff,” Kyle continued.

“So unless you want me to give the furry Ooshie to one of my friends, think of something good!”

Woolworths’ Lion King Ooshies promotion finished up on August 13 or until stocks run out! There’s 24 normal Ooshies to collect along with the rare variations and you can grab one when you spend $30 in store.