It’s called Mini Ikea… and it sounds really cute!

We all know a trip to Ikea can easily become a very tiring whole day out, and also possibly cause several in store arguments.

Well Mini Ikea might just help solve some of those issues…

Ikea is going boutique, and opening stores with a new, smaller format in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane this year.

Ikea CEO Jesper Brodin has revealed the new trial is going to be replicated around the world.

The new small stores will focus on a specific part of the home – and offer complete kitchen, wardrobe or home decorations. There’ll be showrooms and fancy touchscreen kiosks to help with shopping.


This new style of store is aimed at bringing the home furnishing business into the core of people’s lives – instead of on the fringe of outer suburbs.

Similar stores have already opened in cities like London and Madrid.

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