We don’t mean to alarm you, BUT there are just 46 sleeps till Christmas!

That means just 45 sleeps left to get your Christmas shopping done.

For most of us that means saying goodbye to the majority of our paycheck as we play Santa.

Not so for Kerenza Richards.

The UK mother of two has just won Christmas this year after revealing she has not only purchased all her gifts already, but she did it all for just £6.

That’s less than $10 in Australia!


So what’s her secret?

It’s not the $2 shop and it’s not hand-me-downs or regifting.

According to Kerenza it all comes down to some savvy shopping using online voucher codes, special offers and competitions.

She says after a year of bargain hunting she has managed to stock up on £400 (AU$642) worth of presents.

Talking to the Mirror, she revealed her Christmas shopping began in the post-Christmas sales last year.


“I reckon since I started three years ago I must have saved nearly £30,000 (AU$48,671),” she said.

“It’s quite time-consuming searching for vouchers, printing them off, cutting them out. I also spend at least an hour every day entering competitions.”

The mum is that passionate about her bargain hunting, she’s even started a blog to help others.

While a lot of her Coupon Mama posts are about UK specific deals, she also gives tips for the rest of us.

Although some things like the old rhyme “if it’s yellow let it mellow…” may not float with everyone.


The brick in the cistern however… well, we’ll get back to you on that one!

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