Use these hacks to help you make the most of what’s around your house. 

1. Rubber bands 

Coming in and out of you front door with your hands full? Loop a single rubber band around a door’s inside and outside knobs making an x on top of the lock. This will press in the lock and won’t close your door completely!


2. Chocolate Box Insert 

Once the choccies are demolished, use the rinsed out ray to hold tacks and paper clips in a desk drawer. 


3. Emery Board 

Use this manicure staple for more than just shaping your nails – it can gently buff away stains on suede bags and shoes.

4. Rubber Gloves – not just for the washing up! 

These beauties help you get the BEST grip on a stuck jar top. You don’t even need to put your hand inside! 


5. Shower Cap 

These hotel freebies can cover shoe soles before packing them in a suitcase to save the mess they often leave on our clean clothes! Brilliant! 

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