Could this BE any more exciting?!

In a world were news can often be drab and depressing, it’s important to take a minute to share things like this, which could quite possibly be the most important update you will ever hear.

A Friends Monopoly board game exists. Someone is listening to our prayers.

While we are sending out the most positive, grateful vibes into the universe in exchange for this amazing creation, let’s explore some of the details.

Forget the silly thimble, or the useless boot. The Friends board game features Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ Dinosaur, Monica’s chef’s hat, Phoebe’s acoustic guitar, Joey’s pizza and yes, this is still real life… Chandler’s sweater vest.

Properties like Mayfair, Fleet Street and Picadilly are also out the window.


You can buy iconic moments in this version, such as ‘Rachel finds out’, ‘Central Perk tab’, ‘Giant Poking Device’ and ‘Apartment 20’.

It just gets better and better.

Run, don’t walk, to Big W so you can play as soon as possible.

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