Lights are an interior designers best kept secret. Strategically drape some lights across a white wall and BOOM! your room is instantly transformed into something from myscandinavianhome.

A few tips below:

The Bedroom
Purchase some picture hooks and fairy lights and drape across a white wall for an effortlessly whimsical feel, perfectly executed by Daniella Witte on her blog.

A string of lights over a white bedspread and wooden stool will have your room looking like it’s out of a home decorating catalogue. Have a squiz on mommodesign for inspiration.

The Living Room

Fancy some spring entertaining as the weather warms up? Weave string lights across your trees and fence to create the ideal outdoor setting, as seen on and meandaliceblogspot.


Candles lined on an outdoor dining table create a romantic ambience, especially as the sun is going down. Lilibaba demonstrate a beautiful candle lit setting. Feeling creative? Purchase some tea candles and mason jars to create a centrepiece, as created on Emmaline Bride.

Paper lanterns are fitting for warm weather months. Illuminate your backyard with white lanterns or splash out with some colour. Check out Maddierose.tumblr for some stunning inspo!

Modern rooms may look simplistic and easy to achieve, writes Home Decor Selection but there is actually an art form to this style.

“Everything is placed carefully for maximum efficiency, and the lines of the room are all well thought out and clear to see. The color palette is neutral and incorporates a lot of black and white. Popular materials to use are glass and metal. You’ll rarely find wood in a modern room.” Read more here.

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