If you were thinking to yourself, ‘huh, I feel weirdly happy today and have no idea why’,the likelihood is because today is one of the greatest days on earth! And let’s just say it’s not just because it’s Hump day.

The reason why we’re smiling from ear to ear is because today is National Pet Day, which is basically just like it sounds. A day to celebrate the wonderful pooches, kitties, heck even the pet goldfish that light up our lives.

And in celebration of this special day, Aldi have launched an absolutely adorable pet range as their latest special buy.

Not only will you be able to get things like pet food and grooming products for super cheap prices but there’s also plenty of toys, accessories and even pet furniture for your furry friend.

For those pets who are more fashionable than others (all those pets with Instagram pages, we’re looking at you) you can grab your pooch a lead and dog bowl in a matching blush pink or stone grey and geometric pattern.

And for those pets who spend their time lazing around the house, they can now do so in incredible comfort with the baby blue memory foam pet mat or striped pet sofa!


Whatever your pet’s needs, you’ll be able to find it this week at Aldi and for seriously reasonable prices! But you’d better be quick. Every frequent Aldi shopper knows that special buys don’t hang around for long.

So why not head in today and buy your special furry someone a little prezzie to celebrate National Pet Day.

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