For New Zealand-based mum of two, Maria Foy, swearing comes as naturally as regular language. 

Ms Foy wrote in a recent blog that she has always been a swearer but believes being a potty-mouth around children isn’t detrimental to their young ears.  

“For me, swear words are just words. They help me express myself, especially when I’m emotional; but they’re still just words,” she wrote.

Daily Mail reports, that Ms Foy happily swears around her two and four-year-old kids teaching them that the words she says are ‘adult words’.

“When they become an adult, they can choose to use them or not. This was how I was raised,” the blogger told Daily Mail Australia.

Maria Foy revealed that although she isn’t reversed when it comes to ‘adult words’ around her children, they haven’t sworn once around her.


“I am allowed to swear. I am allowed to use words to express how I feel, no matter what words those are.

When Ronan gets a stick, his first thing to do is wack his sister 😂😳

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“If, as a person, you are offended by my swearing then that is on YOU and not on me. I do not swear to offend people… I use words to help me express myself,” she wrote. 

Telling Daily Mail, she said “I’ve always been big on letting my kids know what’s what, and try to be honest with them about life,”

“If I banned the words completely then I would be a hypocrite because I use them myself and my kids wouldn’t understand that.”

“So it’s better for me to explain to them that as an adult, they are allowed to swear.”

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