When you think of baby powder, you probably think, ‘well, it’s good for patting over a baby, but that’s it!’

WRONG. Very wrong.

Baby powder has HEAPS of amazing uses, you just need to know what to do…

#1: It can fix greasy hair

Baby powder is like the original dry shampoo. If you’re running low, simply sprinkle some baby powder on your hairline and massage it in to absorb excess oil in a flash!


#2: It fixes sandy feet

NOTHING gets rid of stubborn sand after a day at the beach, except for – you guessed it – baby powder! Sprinkle it on your sandy feet and the sand will slide right off!

#3: It can get you through a hot night

If you feel a little sticky and sweaty against your sheets, sprinkling some BP down will help to keep you from sticking.


#4: It can give you a killer flutter

Beauty afficionados swear by this. In between coats of your mascara, dust a little baby powder on your lashes and see how awesome they look!

#5: It can untangle necklaces

This is SO awesome! Dust a little baby powder on a tangled necklace and watch it untangle with ease!

#6: It can help with sweaty feet

Sprinkling a little BP in your shoes can keep sweating at bay and help reduce odour. Yippee!


#7: It can keep drawers fresh

Sprinkling a little powder in your drawers can help to keep out those old, musty smells.

#8: It can help with oily stains

If you spill something greasy and oily, like salad dressing, baby powder is the perfect way to absorb the grease before wiping down like you normally do!

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