Old wive’s tales, also known as folk wisdom passed down through families, have been used to warn, teach and scare us by ALL our mums! 

Usually, as we enter our late teen years, we start to gather that they aren’t so true.. 

However these seven wive’s tales below have been proven to work and are great ones to keep in mind, always! 

1. A long labour really does possibly mean a Boy! 

Most assumptions about pregnancy and working out the birth are completely false. However a baby who causes a long and intense labor rather than coming out easily is, according to a survey in the Maternity hospital in Dublin, truly more likely to be a boy. The study found a direct correlation between baby gender and the length of labour. Apparently, boys are more often born with larger heads than girls and therefore require more help or get stuck during delivery. 

2. Hot Baths can indeed actually damage Sperm! 

A University of California study in 2007 studied men who regularly spent 30 minutes in hot water per week and found that their fertility levels were extremely low. Once they started to steer clear of hot water, sperm production skyrockets by 461 percent after three to six weeks. 


3. Carrots really do help your Vision! 

Carrots include beta-carotene which helps produce vitamin A, a key ingredient in a healthy functioning eye. Vitamin A levels are truly useful for maintaining eye health and avoiding cataracts and for slightly improving night vision! 

4. Oily fish really is Brain Food

While this fact may be well known now, it was originally based on the old wive’s tale that fish is brain food! The fatty acids, like Omega-3s, in fish are thought to improve the conductivity between brain cells, which improves brain performance. Those who include fish in their diets often were found to have increased the volume of their brains. 

5. Cheese could give you weird dreams 

Cheese or dairy before bedtime has been proven to give you nightmares! 200 volunteers who at a variety of cheeses before bedtime, reported that they experienced weird dreams that night. 


6. Heartburn in pregnancy may well mean a HAIRY baby! 

Pregnant women who suffer heartburn are much more likely to give birth to a hairy baby. This is because of pregnancy hormones: higher levels prompt lots of hair growth and relax oesophageal muscles, causing gastric reflux. 

7. Honey really does help coughs 

Adding honey and lemon to your tea is now scientifically proven to be beneficial. Studies have shown that children with upper respiratory infections are more likely to get better if given spoonfuls of honey. This is because Honey is a demulcent, meaning that it forms a mucous membrane that soothes the irritation in an infected area. Honey is also antibacterial! 

SO while some old wive’s tales are proven to be true, that doesn’t mean you mum hasn’t been lying to you about other things! Watch this funny video of mums revealing lies to their children below: 


Source: Bustle 

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