This is it. This just might be the line. We’ve have just overstepped the line as a society!

Gender reveals have just gone too far, people! And here we were thinking that burnouts spewing out either blue or pink smoke from tyre rubber was too going too far!

An Aussie couple have gone absolutely mad with their gender reveal idea by burying the gender of their unborn baby at the bottom of a Halal Snack Pack.

The soon-to-be parents were apparently such big fans of the artery-clogging meat/chip/sauce combo that crowbarring the snack into one of the most important life moments seemed perfectly logical to them.

And honestly, we don’t get it. It’s to imagine processing news of that magnitude after polishing off around a tonne of chips and kebab meat.

A Turkish eatery in Sydney’s west was behind the creative gender reveal, introducing the request on their TikTok as “something special”.


@istanbulinparra1st Gender Reveal Snack Pack. Wait to see the results ##genderreveal ##waitforit ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp ##viral ##baby ##boyorgirl ##congratulations♬ original sound – Istanbul In Parra

The TikTok shows the couple eating their way through the massive snack pack before getting to the bottom and finally learning what the gender of their baby will be.

And…it’s a girl! Congratulations, to the happy (and probably now very bloated) couple.

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