Over the past year Kyle and Jackie O have been paying tribute to the brave people from Ambulance NSW who take our emergency calls and assist people over the phone in often terrifying situations in a segment called Triple Zero Heroes.

The segments have proved to be truly incredible as we not only get to hear how these people assist in saving laves but in some cases we managed to reunite the call taker with the person whose life they saved.

You might remember one call that we heard in September last year where 23-year-old NSW Ambulance call taker Jessica helped save the life of a man named Bob who went into cardiac arrest.

In the call, Jess could be heard speaking with Bob’s wife Sue, instructing her how to give him CPR and ultimately assisting in saving his life.

Not long after this call played on air, we got a call from Jessica’s aunt, who informed us that Jess had just received some devastating news about her health.

One day Jess wasn’t feeling very well and was rushed to the emergency room where she received some terrible news – she was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia called APML at the age of just 23.

In order to undergo immediate treatment, Jess has had to take 12 months off work.


As soon as we heard about what Jess has been going through, we knew that we had to help!

One thing that Jess’ Aunt told us that she really wants to do is go on a holiday with her sister and so we partnered with Byron at Byron to send her on a getaway to Byron Bay.

In order to make home life a little bit easier for Jess during this tough time we also partnered with Hello Fresh to hook her up with a year’s worth of free meals!

As Jess told us this morning, “it can happen to anyone”, and so this really is a reminder to live every day to the fullest.

Hear our special giveback for Triple Zero Hero call taker Jess in the podcast below.