This morning during the Kyle and Jackie O Show Pete was desperate to bring something up on the air with the guys. Something of complete urgency that he felt the need to interrupt first calls to discuss.

“Intern Pete, he’s flapping around. Do you need our attention on something?” Kyle asked this morning.

“I do it’s quite urgent if that’s okay,” Pete replied.

So what was Pete’s breaking news? Well remember how our own Intern Pete broke a record on the show last week?

In case you somehow missed the impressive (and incredibly annoying) feat, Pete beat the record for the longest applause after clapping non-stop for over 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Well this morning Pete was made aware that his record had been beaten; or smashed out of the park really. And to rub salt into the wound, it was beaten by another intern on another radio station!

Pete was understandably pissed…


“Some as*hole radio station has gone and broken the record on me overnight,” Pete told Kyle and Jackie this morning. “And even worse, it’s in Amsterdam for a starters, but the guy who broke it, his name is Joe the Intern.”

Kyle and Jackie couldn’t believe it! But luckily we had Joe the Intern on the phone to confirm the news himself.

“It was hard but I did it! I beat Pete,” Joe said gleefully over the phone, revealing he beat the record by another 10 minutes.

Joe told us that over in Amsterdam they’re actually massive Kyle and Jackie O fans and that’s how he came across our record attempt and decided to try and beat it.

“We are big fans of your show actually and we saw the video and we were like, ‘Two hours 20 minutes, that’s nothing! Let’s beat it! Let’s do this’. And that’s what we did.”

Of course, this gave Kyle a genius idea! We all know how much Kyle loves Amsterdam, so he thought of a way to put the clapping record to bed once and for all.


“Why don’t we take the whole show to Amsterdam!” Kyle suggested. “We’ll have a big weekend in Amsterdam because you know I love that place, it’s one of my favourite places on earth, and we’ll do Joe the Intern verses Intern Pete, last man clapping.”

“Both of us will broadcast until one person’s left!”

What a great idea! Who else wants to see Kyle and Jackie O head to Amsterdam? We could do without that continuous clapping again though… That was one annoying day in the office!

Hear our chat with Joe the Intern from Amsterdam in the podcast below!

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