Having a pool in Australia during our scorching hot Summers really is the pinnacle of cool. Literally.

If you’ve grown up with one, you’ll know how great it is to be able to just jump in and cool down whenever you like. And if you didn’t, well then you’ll know just how much jealously it can create.

But now, one platform is here to try and help out those who can’t have more than an inflatable swimming pool in their backyard.

A newly launched pool-sharing website is taking over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, giving those without a pool the chance to borrow from others!

The founder is 22-year-old Bunim Laskin, who came up with the idea after his parents would pay his next door neighbour to let him and his siblings use their pool.

It’s called Swimply, and in a similar fashion to Airbnb, it lets owners put up their pools on a website for hire at an hourly fee.

To make things safe, each pool is carefully checked by a local maintenance company to make sure the pool sup to health and safety standards before being put on the website for hire.


The listings include photos of the pool, hourly rates, a description and the extra amenities that are available, like Wi-Fi, towels, a spa, BBQs etc.

The owners can also choose their own hourly rate, create their own pool rules such as whether they’ll allow loud music or accommodate parties, and they can specify the maximum amount of people.

Here in Sydney there’s currently three pools available for hire! Check it out here.

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