Painting when renovating is one of the worst jobs to be undertaken.

However, a $4.30 product from Bunnings has been hailed as a ‘wonderful intervention or any spray painting job you may have.

One woman wrote in the Bunnings Mum Australia group “I’m sorry but whoever came up with this invention is a freakin genius! And less than 5 bucks. Winning! Worked a treat on windows.’’

The mum explained that she had spent ‘three full days’ on painting and other Reno work and had then used Bunnings Ni-PRO Spray Can Trigger Grip – a plastic hand aid that can be used by those with arthritis.

“It attaches to the can simply click on, easy,” she wrote. “You then point and squeeze, and there you have it a spray gun for lack of any other way to describe. Great for big jobs, saving painful fingers.”


Her post attached hundreds of comments with others saying it was ‘brilliant’ and it helps with ‘sore wrists and hands-on any kind of can nozzles’.

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