An inspirational young girl has put her creative skills to good use by setting up a bracelet stand outside her house to raise money to help the animals affected by the Australian bushfires. 

Eight-year-old Nahla Sellers from Round Rock in Texas has set up a stall for selling her homemade rubber band bracelets, with all funds going to the RSPCA.

Over the past few days, the animal lover has managed to raise $450.

“I care about animals a lot,” Nahla said.

“I thought that the animals must have had a few babies. The babies wouldn’t evacuate as quickly as the others because they wouldn’t have got used to walking, so most of them wouldn’t make it. It makes me feel sad for the animals.”


During the third grader’s school holiday break, Nahla and her babysitter planned the idea, setting up the stand outside her home, and creating the banners.

“She started asking questions and organically came up with it,” her mother Nida told KXAN.

“It makes me really proud. Her actions prove that no person or effort is too small to make a difference.”

Thank you, Nahla!