Married At First Sight star Zoe Hendrix has had a lucky escape after her fans alerted her to a nasty infection that is common amongst new mums.

The reality star room to Instagram last week to share a snap of her battling ‘the flu’ whilst taking care of her new born.

She wrote ‘This s**t is hard’ when captioning a photo of her nursing two-month-old daughter Harper.

However, some of her 70,000 followers quick to point out that Zoe may be suffering from mastitis, an infection from breastfeeding which displays flu-like symptoms.

‘As soon as I read your comment and saw your temp I though mastitis straight away, get to the dr Hun, especially if there is redness around the sore spots.. It’ll only get worse if you don’t get meds,’ one concerned fan wrote.


  ‘It sounds like mastitis. Get to the doctor right now,’ said another.

And it turns out, they were right.

Zoe posted a new photo saying ‘’THANK to all you wonderful and switched on followers who informed me about Mastitis in my last post (which I thought was just the flu),’

‘I have been on antibiotics, pain relief, and my angel of a mother in law has been helping me care for Harper. I am starting to feel human again after feeling like I was hit by a truck!’


    Instagram to the rescue!

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