In a recent interview for British Vogue, a former One Direction star has opened up about his, rather negative, experiences in the band.

Zayn admitted that he wasn’t friends with any of his former one direction bandmates, despite spending five years with them. 

“I have always been a bit like that, though – always a bit of an island,” the 25-year-old said in the December issue of the publication. “I don’t like to confer with too many people.”

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In fact, Zayn doesn’t even keep in touch with his former bandmates now, and hasn’t for quite some time. 

“I ain’t spoke to any of them for a long time, to be honest with you,” he said. “That’s just the way it is. There’s things that happened and things that were said after I left. Snide things. Small things that I would never have expected.”


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While there’s obviously bad blood between the band, Zayn also attributes the meteoric rise of One Direction as the catalyst of the band members disagreements. 

“We went from theatres, to arenas, to stadiums, there was never any sort of bridge between. Just boom, boom, boom,” he told the magazine. “I guess that kind of progression to any mind – but especially when you’re 17, 18, it kind of affects you a little bit. People take it different ways – especially when there are five different personalities. The relationships had broken apart. That’s just the way it is. People move on, people grow apart, people grow up.”

This isn’t the first time Zayn has opened up about the hard times he experienced during and after One Direction. He has always remained honest about his battle with anxiety, which almost got him eliminated from The X Factor UK for refusing to dance in the bootcamp round.


While Niall Horan has remained adamant that there will be a One Direction reunion in the future, it is clear that Zayn won’t be a part of it. 

Uh, we guess he’ll be the “Posh Spice” when the band decides to unite for a reunion tour? 

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