If you were one of the of hundreds of thousands of people left devastated by Zayn Malik’s decision to leave One Direction – you’ll want to read this.

Basically, beside the fact that Zayn had ambitions to launch a solo career, we weren’t left with much of an explanation… until now.

It seems that forces of an extra terrestrial nature were behind Zayn’s decision.

“An alien spoke to me in a dream, the 23-year-old singer tells Glamour.

Okayyyy then.

This moment supports reports that Zayn never actually really wanted to be in the band to begin with.

He’s been quoted in interviews saying that even in the first year we knew the band was going in a direction that didn’t tie in with him as an artist.


Though the band tried to facilitate his style and things that he wanted, ultimately it came to a point where Zayn had to put himself first.

And then there was the alien…

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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