We saw a rare glimpse at Kyle’s softer side this morning as he paid cohost Jackie O a very sweet compliment!

Like most of us at the moment, Jackie has been working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic from her makeshift studio in her bedroom.

While we haven’t really had any technical issues so far (tough wood) there has been one issue… Jackie has been refusing to turn on her webcam for us to see her and record for our videos.

You know why? Because she’s fallen into the WFH trap like the rest of us where we don’t do our hair, we don’t wear any makeup and most of the time we’re working in our trackies of PJs. We barely feel like normal, functioning adults anymore tbh (and yes we love it).

After some persistence, Kyle managed to convince Jackie to turn her camera on yesterday, and it really was refreshing to see her face again rather than just the cardboard cutout of her that we’d put up in studio.


But this morning was a completely different story! Jackie O disappeared once again and her camera was left black.

“Why’s your camera not on again this morning?” Kyle asked. “They want to see you so they can put videos up.”

“Oh are they asking questions are they?” Jackie replied kind of sheepishly.

“Where are you? Show yourself! What’s going on?” Kyle pushed.

“No I just haven’t put my makeup on yet,” Jackie revealed.

We feel ya Jacks. No doubt everyone out there has lied about their camera being broken on a zoom meeting at least once during the WFH period because they look more homeless than ready for the office.


Kyle convinced Jackie to turn her camera on for just a second so that he could see for himself what she looked like makeup free, and that’s when Kyle actually gave Jackie a super cute, and rare might we add, compliment!

“Come on, show me! Don’t be nervous,” Kyle said. “Give us a little flash.”

And as she did just that, Kyle couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked, saying she should go makeup free more often!

“Oh god you’re absolutely beautiful!” Kyle exclaimed. “Why do you worry about all this rubbish?

“You’re a beautiful woman! Don’t put makeup on your face I’d say.”

“Aww you’re so sweet!” Jackie gushed before adding, “Aww marry me!”, as they both burst into laughter!


HELLO! Imagine if Kyle and Jackie actually ended up getting married after all of these years! After all, they already kind of act like an old married couple after working together for 20 years!

Of course we doubt that this will ever happen but still, what a nice compliment!

Hear the sweet moment for yourself in the podcast below!

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