You might remember her as the boisterous clown and prankster of Pine Hollow, but Stevie Lake (AKA Sophie Bennett) is not so little anymore. 

Sophie Bennett or ‘Sophie Maude’ is now a 29-year-old Project Manager in Toronto, and wait for it… a YouTuber!

From makeup and hair tutorials to style tips, the former actress/singer describes her channel as “focusing predominantly on beauty and fashion,” where she will “likely talk your ear off while I do it.” Stevie, is that you?

While most of her videos are beauty tutorials, she does not shy away from answering questions about her Saddle Club days.

“Some of you know and some don’t that I was an actor growing up,” she said in a recent video. “I wanted to finally talk about it and answer some of the questions I get about being on The Saddle Club to tell you guys a bit more about my experience!”

So, what does Sophie think about that infamous pimple episode in Season Two? “How could I forget that!!! Hahahaha too hilarious.”


The Canadian YouTuber is also active on Instagram, showcasing her vacations, style, beauty regime, cute boyfriend, and absolutely adorable teddy bear of a dog. 


We don’t know about you but we’ve found our new style icon.
Next question: how’s Comanche doing?

Check out all of Sophie’s YouTube videos here

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