In this week’s edition of World’s Most Disturbing News, we bring you the everyday thing you may even have in your hand right now that is literally SWIMMING in bacteria. 

Hands up who keeps a water bottle on their desk at work and regularly tops it up from the tap, or uses the same bottle for trips to the gym?

Burn them. Right now.

Scientists over at treadmillreviews have discovered that your reusable water bottle is crawling with germs, and each time you top it back up, you’re only making things worse.

After swabbing and testing water bottles used by athletes for a week, they found the average flask had more than 300,000 counts of bacteria; in fact, one of the bottles in particular had more bacteria THAN A TOILET SEAT.



So, new rules that we’re all going to follow: Wash your bottle thoroughly after each use and treat yourself to a stainless steel version, rather than plastic, which is a little bit healthier.

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