A stunning model is causing a storm on social media as people struggle to believe her about her age.

Rise Hirako, based in Tokyo, is 45 according to her website and Wikipedia page but could easily pass for 22 based on her flawless skin and youthful looks.

On Twitter, one user said ‘’Risa Hirako is 45 years old. Let that blow your mind this morning.”

Rise posts sexy selfies and photos from lingerie shoots and has won an army of fans online, with more than 95,000 followers on Instagram.

The fashion model has also appeared in music videos and clearly has the healthiest lifestyle just by looking at her body.


Rise, who was married to actor Eisaku Yoshi, keeps fans up to date on her blog Line Blog and revealed she was born on February 14.

One Instagram user said “There’s no way you’re 45 yrs old… Reports saying that. If it’s true dammmm you’re doing fine like vintage wine.”

Judging by a recent snap she uploaded of her and her mum, youthful looks are clearly in the genes.

If we look as good as this at 45-years-old then I will be so happy!

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