Think you know how to wash your hair? Think again.

According to top hairdressers, there are some things we’re all doing wrong and can improve in order to make sure our hair is in tip top condition.

It doesn’t matter how often you do it – every day or every few days – it matters the most HOW you do it.

Apparently heaps of people wash their hair with hot water, which is a no-no – lukewarm is best, according to hairdresser Andrew Barton. Hot water can leave hair greasy soon after washing.

Not too much shampoo – the best amount is the size of a coin – and don’t rub it into your scalp, as this will make it your hair greasier!

Shampoo through the top and conditioner through the ends – this is apparently the best way to do it to ensure everything’s spick and span.


If you’re serious about your hair washin’, use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove impurities and product buildup.

Twice is nice – double shampooing is a good way to make sure your hair and scalp is thoroughly cleansed, and always follow it up with conditioner.

Most of us drag a comb through our hair after getting out of the shower, but experts say the best way to do it is to comb while in the shower with conditioner on.

Ready to put that towel on your head and rub the water out? Stop right there! The big guys say towel drying can create friction and damage your cuticles, leaving your hair dull and lifeless. Blot dry instead to prevent damage.


There you go! Lots of tips to think about to make sure your head is as happy as possible.