All of our loyal listeners out there would know that Kyle lives part time here in Sydney and part time at his farm in the Southern Highlands.

It’s no secret that both he and Imogen adore animals and so having that space to let them own as many pets as physically possible is great. The only downside? The long commute back and forth between the two properties sometimes drives them insane.

Of course, Kyle tries to make his trip as quick as possible by refusing to stop the car for any reason (apart from McDonalds). But he really should’ve stopped the car during his trip home last night…

It started out as a casual drive home with Imogen in the passenger seat and three of their dogs in the back. But it all turned to, well, shit…when one of the dogs started making some seriously terrible smells.

What they didn’t realise, is that their puppy had a seriously bad case of diarrhoea…and as you can imagine things got pretty messy.


You have to hear Kyle’s theatrical replay of the disastrous night in the video above!

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