This sounds bats**t crazy, but there’s a new TV show that makes people decide who they want to date just by gawking at their genitals.

No, seriously.

It’s called Naked Attraction (yeah, we see what they did there) and basically the ‘picker’ stands in front of six boxes, all lit up in different colours and goes through them one by one as they eliminate the contestants (is that what they’re even called, contestants?!) based on what they see from the waist down.

As each person is eliminated they must stand up out of the box and introduce themselves.

MORTIFYING TV at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.


It’s a Channel 4 production and our main question is HOW did they find people who wanted to go on this show??

Turns out it actually works and this couple are living proof that if you get your bits out on national television cupid could strike at any moment.

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