It may have started out as a bit of a joke but Jackie’s single Honey Money has now gone up for sale online and it’s all for a wonderful cause.

In case you’re unaware and are thinking, ‘Huh? Jackie released a song?’, it all began when Jackie wondered on air a few weeks ago how hard it would be to write a hit song. Kyle decided to turn it into a challenge and dared Jackie to go ahead with it.

And so Jackie chucked on her writers cap, jumped in the studio with our audio producer Kian and put together a tune, ready to premiere it on air a few days later.

When it came to the day to debut her single, Jackie explained that she now realises writing a song is a MUCH harder task than she could’ve ever anticipated. But nonetheless, she had pulled something together. A song she entitled, ‘Honey Money’.

Not only did Jackie help write the song but she also sang on the track as well and even had audio producer Kian feature some fire rapping in it.

The song became an instant hit both in the office and on the air with out listeners calling up to tell Jackie just how good it was.

Even award winning singer/songwriter Keith Urban gave the song his tick of approval, saying that he would make it his new ringtone!


Keith Urban Reacts To Jackie’s Single Honey Money

And so after receiving tons of great feedback for the tune, we decided to put ‘Honey Money’ up for sale, with all proceeds going directly to help our farmers doing it tough in the drought at the moment.

Jackie took a page out of Shannon Noll’s book and has decided to donate all of the money made from her song to Drought Angels, who directly help the farmers and their rural communities with meaningful and personalised assistance.


If you want to download ‘Honey Money’ you can find it through the links below!

Now all that’s left to do is a music video! Hands up if you reckon Jackie should put her ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ dancing shoes to the test again and put together a video?

To Buy/Download (With all proceeds going to Drought Angels)

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Jackie Debuts Her First Single Honey Money

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