Sport Spice, Mel C, Melanie C – whatever you want to call her – joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning to chat all things music!

But of course conversation quickly turned to the one things that people can’t stop talking about at the moment, the C word… No not that C word! The coronavirus.

With Mel travelling around at the moment to do press for her new song ‘Who I Am’ we wondered how she was feeling about the virus and the new restrictions on travel being put in place.

“Are you worried about any contagion or anything?” Kyle asked.

“I’m more worried about getting stuck somewhere,” she told us.


“Yes! Being in a lockdown or self quarantined,” Jackie added.

“Yeah I haven’t really thought about the illness side of things,” Mel C admitted.

Of course, given the current panic buying climate here in Australia, Kyle’s next question was VERY important. Did Mel C remember to bring her own toilet paper with her Down Under? Because she sure as heck wasn’t going to have much luck getting any at the shops…

Mel replied by telling us that she really couldn’t understanding this whole hoarding nonsense. Yep, if nothing else will get you to stop panic buying, then maybe a freaking Spice Girl telling you that what you’re doing is dumb will…

“Did you hear that here in Australia there’s an a** paper shortage where there’s no toilet paper and people are stock piling at the supermarkets. Did you bring your own?” Kyle asked.

“Well the thing is you’ve started a trend because now it’s happening in the UK as well,” Mel admitted.


Oh great. So now Australia is known around the world as the people who started the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. Great.

“So we’re right behind you. No pun intended,” she added.

“It’s such a stupid thing! Because it’s like, why do we need that much toilet paper?” Jackie remarked.

And sporty spice agreed.

“I know! Well you can live without toilet paper,” Mel said.

“Yes. You can’t live without food but you can live without toilet paper,” Jackie added.


And here we are discussing toilet paper with a Spice Girl… What has the world come to?

“I don’t really want to be talking to Mel C about toilet paper,” Kyle said. “She’s a Spice Girl, she’s a big star and here we are talking about toilet paper. It’s just not the thing I want.

Its not what we want, what we really, really want either Kyle…

Want to hear about more than toilet paper? Listen to our full chat with Spice Girl Mel C in the podcast below!