Grapes have always been a magnificent fruit as they bring us together with wine but now they’ve gotten even better because there are actually grapes out there that taste EXACTLY like fairy floss!

Apparently these grapes have actually been around for a number of years in California but now the genetically modified fruit has made it’s way into Aussie supermarkets.

The experimental grape was first grown by The Grapery in California in 2011 but has been kept mostly under wraps Down Under because the fruit has an exceptionally short season and therefore is actually quite rare.

The sweet cotton candy taste is said to be completely natural and comes from the combination of two grape species during hand pollination. They also look exactly like regular green grapes but when bitten into they unleash a sweet flavour reminiscent of the sugary treat.

Now of course when Kyle and Jackie O heard that you could buy something so random from your regular Woolworths store they just had to try the grapes for themselves. And apparently they really DO taste like fairy floss!

Kyle and Jackie both popped one of the hybridised grapes into their mouth at the same time and this was their reaction.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Jackie. “That does taste like fairy floss!”


“Oh wow!” added a surprised Kyle.

But while the fairy floss grape is a fun little gimmick to begin with, the guys didn’t really think that they would go out and buy a whole punnet of them over normal grapes.

“I don’t know if I want that in my grape,” said Jackie.

And to be honest we don’t think that we’d like it that much either! Grapes are typically sweet enough, but the fairy floss grapes actually contain more sugar than the traditional range.

I guess if you’re a massive sweet tooth and you’re looking for a way to convince yourself to eat more fruit, then these are the grapes for you! The fair floss grapes can be bought from Woolworths for about $4 per 400g.

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