Have you ever dreamt of living on a island?

Aside from a few catches, you totally can! Plus, a $182K salary would be your reality.

There is a job opening for a teeny island that’s off the coast of sunny* San Francisco, looking for someone to inhabit this very island.

The island is home to one property – an 1800’s lighthouse turned B&B, and the lighthouse needs not one, but two operators.

The couple who currently inhabit the property, Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker are leaving their post, and so the job is open!

The shared $182k salary (yes, shared, sorry!) will have a long list of jobs to perform while on the island.


Jobs can include cooking, cleaning, laundry, setting up supply runs, ferrying patrons to and from the mainland and, applicants must also have their Coast Guard license in order to operate the lighthouse station’s boat.

Lighthouse caretakers will need to run the property from Thursday to Sunday every week, and are able to take between two to four weeks of holidays per year.

Perks of the position include spectacular views, meeting interesting people, and the local birds, marine mammals, fresh air, boats and history.

Would you apply for this?