Ronda Rousey’s recent career change from a mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC to WWE full-time professional wrestler has had plenty of people talking, including current women’s champ Carmella.

The WWE super star was in studio this morning with Kyle and Jackie O to discuss the upcoming WWE Super Showdown in Melbourne this October when they asked her what she thought about Rousey’s shock move to the sport.

Carmella had nothing but kind words to say about Ronda at first, saying that it’s always great to get more women involved in professional wrestling.

“I mean I think it’s great,” said Carmella. “I think the more eyes we can get on the women in general, like we’re in the middle of a women’s revolution in the WWE and so to be a lady wrestler right now it’s so amazing.”

Carmella also mentioned that Ronda would be making the trip down to Melbourne with other wrestling stars like John Cena and herself for the Super Showdown. And this is when the trash talk came out.


Of course Carmella, being the lovely and supportive woman that she is, is so excited to have Ronda join the gang at the event that will be held at the MCG, but when the guys asked who would win in a fight between the pair, she was adamant that there would be no competition.

“I would LOVE to embarrass her,” admitted Carmella. And when Kyle pushed by asking what moves Carmella would pull out on Rhonda she said, “the shorter list is what wouldn’t I do to her.”

Oooohh girl’s feeling cocky! But she’s certainly willing to put her money where her mouth is! Carmella suggested that her and Ronda get in the ring when they’re in Melbourne.

“I’m thinking maybe I can have a match against Ronda at the Super Show Down,” she said.

Who’d be keen to see a smackdown between the two feisty females later this year?

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