Filed under ‘what the hell just happened’ is this latest WWE incident in Toronto.

Shane McMahon, 46, stepped into SmackDown’s five-man Survivor Series team and entered the ring for the first time since his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Fox Sports reported.

But it was while he was in the ring with Roman Reigns when things took a scary turn.

At the same time McMahon leapt into his signature ‘Coast-to-Coast’ move, Reigns sprung a ‘spear’ move.

The result was terrifying.

McMahon appeared to be knocked out and was subsequently eliminated from the bout.


While medics attended McMahon, fellow wrestler Randy Orton broke character to reassure McMahon’s family.

McMahon was helped backstage where he was further treated. According to, the injury was legit, not scripted and he was in significant pain as he left the arena.