A Psychology Professor’s exam question has gone viral after posing a difficult ethical question to students. 

The professor from the University of Maryland, Dr Dylan Selterman, said he had adding the question to the end of his exams for some time after seeing the same question as a student. 

In premise, students have two options – would they like an extra two credits or six credits on their mark.

Seems simple right?

There’s a catch. 


If more than 10% of the class opts for the higher grade, then the entire class goes without… 

The answer is anonymous to the rest of the class. 

Is it any surprise that since 2008 Dr Selterman said “only one time did students stay under the threshold for the selfish option (I think that was a random fluke).”

Whether the students like it or not, it certainly gives them a practical example of how the actions of the minority can affect the collective and a range of psychology principles they no doubt learnt about in class… 

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