A Sydney man has made a disgusting discovery inside a bag of mixed fruit and nuts purchased from a Woolworths store in Sydney after allegedly finding live maggots inside the snack.

The 27-year-old customer, identified only as Fauzaan, had purchased the fruit and nut mix for a movie with his girlfriend from Wetherill Park Woolworth in Sydney’s west on Friday.

Speaking with 9 News, he said that he filled a self-serve bag of the fruit and nut mix from an open container before paying and leaving for the movie.

It wasn’t until he was in the movie theatre and had eaten some of the snack when he realised that something was terribly wrong. Fauzaan claimed that he felt something moving inside his mouth and pulled out what he believed to be a live maggot.

“I never thought I’d have to do this in my entire life, eating a maggot,” he said to 9 News. “That’s disgusting. That’s not something you want to do ever in your life.”

After making the stomach-churning discovery, the man returned to the supermarket where he purchased the fruit and nut mix to make a complaint. He was asked to show the staff where he had found the snack.

“When we went there, while I was waiting for him, I looked in the jar properly and there was a little maggot and a moth in it,” he said.


“They gave me the helpline number and the lady said, ‘What I can offer you is a $40 voucher. Email me the photos and video you took so we can got through it.”

Fauzaan said that the staff member removed the allegedly contaminated container but did not inspect any other food items nearby.

A spokesperson for Woolworths told 9 News that they were aware of the alleged incident.

“Our store team has removed the specific product from the shelf and undertaken a full check of remaining products in this range and section so customers can be confident of product quality,” the spokesperson said.

“We have apologised directly to the customer and are providing them with a gift card.”

This incident comes about six months after a heavily pregnant woman allegedly found maggots inside fruit and nut mix purchased from a Woolworths store in Victoria.


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