The supermarkets are locked in a price war, and everything is a battle to be the cheapest.

And now, it’s Woolworths turn to get themselves into the baby market.

They are launching into nappies, with a new range called Little One’s, and they are going to be almost half the price of Huggies, who are the market leader.

Bulk packs of 30 to 56 Little One’s nappies will cost between $4.65 and $11 while Huggies are $9.99 for 24, with a 26 pack costing $20.

For most Aussie families, they don’t have a choice but to purchase nappies every week, so Woolworths has earmarked it as a huge opportunity with their head of buying telling ‘’Kids are in nappies for some years, and it’s not something that people love spending money on. What customers are starting to realise is you don’t have to pay $25-$35 to get a good quality nappy.’’

The Little One’s range will go head-to-head with Coles Comfy Boots nappies which cost $6 for a 36-pack and Aldi’s Mamia nappies, which cost $4.29 for a 28 pack.

It is known that low priced items like nappies will get people through the door, so they spend more money in other areas.


Woolworths is still Australia’s largest supermarket chain but has been struggling with sliding profits in recent times.

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