Fiona Wardrop weighed 132kgs, and wore a size 26.

The mother of three had battled with her weight since the age of 10, and much as she wished, she never dreamed she’d ever be a size six.

At the age of 32, with a walk down the aisle to her fiance looming, she decided something had to be done.

Fiona lost 84kgs to becoming a size six.

The controversial move to pay for two tummy tucks, a breast implant and lift with her superannuation has paid off, and she looks incredible.


The South-West Sydney mum said she had tried all methods and diets.

“I’ve always been big so I knew nothing else,” she told The Daily Mail Australia.

“I tried everything. The diet shakes and the diet pills but I always gave up too early. Exercising was always part of my life but that didn’t work either.”

The decision to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy, which is potentially life threatening, cost her about $10K.

“It’s a surgery which removes about 85 per cent of the stomach so yes there was a high risk involved,” she told The Daily Mail.


She now weighs 51kgs.

“I did it because I’ve always wanted to look like a princess on my wedding day and that’s exactly how I felt.”

Fiona told KIIS FM, “It wasn’t as easy as getting on the treadmill. My stomach was so severely stretched, no clean eating would make me loose enough weight to be healthy.

My whole life has been a struggle a and I forgot about myself. I needed to take control for my family,” She said.

“I have three boys, and I did… Everyday I have to try and maintain what I’ve lost.”


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