When we’re not being bombarded with videos of cute babies, dogs, cats, or you know, anything viral, we’ll get something that divides social media.

And it usually has its own conspiracy theory attached…

This is one of those videos.

We’re faced with a goblin baby, people. Caught on CAMERA.

Yep, you read right. A GOBLIN BABY.

It appears in the background of a video with a small boy, as it runs – quite quickly – underneath a cupboard and then into the garden.


According to the Daily Mail, an Argentinian woman named Silva was filming her two-year-old son after he started talking to something in his bedroom.

She also said the creature leaves behind a nauseating smell and visits her son regularly.

The video was filmed in 2011, and the family only recently revealed the footage, bu t people on social media are slamming it as good editing, saying the shadow is at the wrong angle.

H/T Daily Mail

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