Whatever you put on the internet is there for everyone to see.

Texan woman Kaitlyn Walls learned that the hard way when she lost her new job before she’d even started there, thanks to a Facebook status.

The 27-year-old single mum was hours away from starting work at a child care centre when she updated her Facebook status, writing, “I start my new job today but I absolutely hate working at day cares. Lol it’s all good I just really hate being around a lot of kids.”

The status was immediately swamped by comments from locals, insulting her and calling her a “dumb b*tch”.

“I actually cried,” Ms Walls told CBS.

“It really hurt because I wasn’t trying to offend anybody.”


Not long after, word of the post began to spread around the town – and the boss at the child care centre rang Ms Walls and told her not to be bother coming in.

“It really was a big mistake,” she said.

“I really needed [the job] really bad.”

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