Do you have a strange fear that someone can see you when you’re in the changeroom, or even worse, in the bathroom?

Well for one woman in Illinois, her suspicions were confirmed.

Comedian Tamale Rocks was in the cubicle in the bathroom of the Cigars and Stripes bar, going about her business when a mirror directly facing the toilet caughter her eye.

For starters, why was there a mirror there? It seems like a pretty odd place to have a mirror.

Upon exploring the full-length mirror, Rocks found that the mirror was actually a door leading to a closet and that the other side of the mirror provided a a full view of the cubicle where Rocks had exposed herself just moments before.

Check out her video where she reveals the two-way mirror and how it works!


The positioning of the perve window, I mean mirror, and the fact that the back of the door was cut out means that the bar owner or staff were freely able to spy on patrons as they quite literally went about their business.

Source: MamaMia

Video via Tamale Rocks Youtube

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