Kyle and Jackie O love tricking people with their ‘Only Lying’ prank call segment but they never expected to have one done on them, which is probably why they didn’t suspect a thing when a listener called up and managed to pull one off.

Enter listener Rachel who you may remember from our Last Calls segment from Tuesday’s show. Rachel told us this insane story about the worst blind date that she had ever been on with a much younger guy named Aldo.

According to her original story, Rachael claimed that Aldo pick her up in his Nissan Skyline, took her to a pizza joint for 30 minutes and made her pay for the meal. She then claimed that on their way home he stopped for hotdogs at a 7-Eleven, continued to ask her for a BJ and then kicked her out of his car when she refused.

Long story short, Rachael explained her blind date nightmare to the guys and they thought it was absolutely hilarious! In fact, they were so caught up in it that they decided to do a follow up on the story during today’s show.

But when Rachel came back on the air with Kyle and Jackie this morning her story began to unravel. Some of our producers began to feel a bit sceptical about the truth behind it but Kyle was still convinced.


“Why would she,” exclaimed Kyle when Jackie suggested Rachel may have lied. “Only a loon would make up that story. You wouldn’t. No one would make that up.”

Well then Kyle, Rachel must be a bit of a loon because she then went on to brag that she had succeeded in pulling off an ‘Only Lying’ prank on the guys.

“Kyle, ONLY JOKING!,” shouted Rachael with glee. “Like what Kyle does, I thought ‘I’m going to get Kyle back’.”

Nicely played Rachael. Nicely played. Although we reckon you need to work on your delivery as Kyle pointed out.

“You don’t even have the catch phrase right idiot! It’s Only Lying!”

So how did Rachel manage to pull one over on Kyle and Jackie? Well it turns out she might have a lot of practice in her everyday life as the guys reckon she could actually be a pathological liar.


We managed to uncover the truth behind a LOT of other fishy facts in Rachel’s life. Watch the video above to hear what other things Rachael has been lying about! 

Hear Rachael’s original story from Tuesday’s show here: 

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