This morning, news broke of a horrific terror attack in Barcelona – with reports that 13 people had died, and 20+ were injured.

A van was seen mowing people over, not dissimilar to the attack in Nice last year.

We spoke to Amy, a young woman holidaying in Las Ramblas, who was staying in a hotel just behind where the attack occurred, she told us what she saw.

‘It [the van] was just gliding down the strip, it ran down 13 people and 20 plus people were injured, my information tells me.’


‘So what’s the scene like now? What’s happening there now?’ the guys asked.

‘We’re staying inside, they were slowly about half an hour ago letting people out of Las Ramblas, but they’re not letting anyone else in.’

They then discussed how disappointing these attacks are for humanity.

‘I know it’s scary, but I want to encourage you not to let these people keep you hostage in your hotel room, go out and enjoy yourself,’ Kyle said.

‘I know, it’s just so hard, you want to stay safe, but you want to enjoy your vacation as well. Just nowhere is safe anymore,’ Amy finished.

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