We all have hardships in our life; ups and downs that would be made that little bit easier if only we could be gifted some money to help us through. Well, that’s what happened on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

First up the guys met Danielle, a woman who had simple surgery and ended up with a staph infection, and a leg amputation from the knee down. She wanted the $10,000 to make her house disabled-friendly, with ramps and rails, and something to help her shower.

Intern Pete then went out and picked a random stranger off the street, that turned out to be Laura. Laura was told that had a decision to make; keep $10,000 for herself, or give it to Danielle, who she didn’t meet, but who’s story she got to hear.

She then shared with the guys her story; that she’d come from a domestic violence situation and with the help of her mum, was beginning to rebuild their lives. She had 24 hours to think about what she would do, before coming back in and revealing to Danielle what she’d chosen.

Laura looked tense as Danielle was wheeled into the studio – and after explaining a bit about herself, revealed that after much thought and consideration, she would be keeping the money, to give she and her mother the brand new start they so desperately needed.

Danielle understood.

She was graceful and accepting.


You found it hard to sympathise more with either woman.

In the end, people from all over Sydney began to call in, offering money to Danielle, or help installing rails and ramps to make getting around and showering easier. In the first few calls, people had donated almost $3,000 and offered to paint her home, and install rails for her shower.

The generosity of people is overwhelming Sydney, you should be very proud of yourselves.

If you know anyone deserving of taking part in Give or Take, please contact breakfast@kiis1065.com.au

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