Okay if you’ve just eaten your lunch, or your about to, we suggest that you click away from this article immediately…trust us it will not do your stomach ANY favours!!

But for those brave enough to continue diving into what we can only describe as a truly horrific story, prepare yourself. Things are about to get extremely gross.

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke with a woman from Florida, Katie Holley, after she had an unusual experience with something becoming stuck in her ear.

Except that something, was more like a someone, because it was actually a living thing. And yes that living thing, was a goddamn COCKROaCH!!!

The horrifying ordeal began when Katie was lying in bed, innocently sleeping one Friday night. But in the early hours of the following morning, Katie was rudely awoken by the feeling of something MOVING in her ear!

“My husband and I had gone to bed one Friday night and Saturday morning 1:45 I shot up out of bed because I felt something in my ear and it was awful,” said Katie.

And as it turns out, that nasty feeling was that of a disgusting roach burrowing into Katie’s ear! She says that it got so deep into her ear that neither her or her husband were able to reach it to remove it.


“It got lodged,” exclaimed Katie. “It got far enough in that we couldn’t grab it with fingers or with tweezers but it was still sticking out enough that my husband could see it with his phone.”

Yep. We told you it would make you feel sick… But what’s even worse is the experience that Katie had when she rushed down to the emergency room to get the creepy crawly removed. 

The doctors thought that they had gotten rid of all of the nasty bug, but it turns out that they’d only removed parts of it’s body and legs and the rest of the cockroach was left inside her ear for a following NINE DAYS!!

Find out just how Katie managed to finally get the entire roach removed in the video above!


We thought that the worst thing that could happen during our sleep was a spider crawling across our face! But we were wrong. Oh, we were so very wrong…

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