Jewel Shuping from North Carolina has a disorder that made her blind… but it is unlikely you have heard of it before. The 30-year-old’s disorder caused her to lose her sight on purpose, with drain cleaner – applied by a psychologist she was seeing for just two weeks to help her.

According to her story on Barcroft TV, ‘I Made Myself Blind: Living With BIID,’ Jewel has a condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder which she describes as ‘a need to be disabled in some way’ and her disability of choice is blindness. In fact, she has been trying to be blind since she was six years old.

‘My mum told me if I looked at the sun, I would go blind,’ she says. ‘So I would stare at it for hours.’

While the idea of dropping drain cleaner onto your bare eyeballs to deliberately lose your sight might seem crazy, Jewel insists she is not, and has never been happier.

‘I don’t think I’m crazy… I have no regrets.’

Here is Jewel’s story:


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