Monika Tano has a fun bit of trivia to share with her kids when they grow up.

Ms Tano’s children, Liliana and Aurelia, happen to share birthdays with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s two kids.

Aurelia was born in Birmingham just seven hours before the second royal baby arrived, while in July 2013, Liilana came into the world on the same day as Prince George.

“It is a huge coincidence, I just can’t believe it,” the 35-year-old told the Daily Mail.

“At about 3am I was sending pictures of Aurelia to people and then at 7am I started getting messages from people saying Kate was in labour.

“I was still in hospital and checked the news on my phone and couldn’t believe it when she had her baby daughter too.”

Bookmakers Ladbrokes said that Ms Tano had beaten odds of almost two million to one to give birth to the children on the same dates as Kate.


“The odds almost broke the calculator,” a spokesperson said. “We’ve never heard of anything like it.”

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