A woman in the US received mailbox hate from a homophobic neighbour, who said that her garden was “relentlessly gay”, and that it offended the Christians of the neighbourhood.

Who knew gardens had a sexual orientation?

Since then, Julie Baker has hit back at bigoted neighbours by trying to make her garden as “gay” as possible.

In an original post on an LBGT rights Tumblr, the 47-year-old widowed mother-of-four vows to make her garden as “gay” as possible and has even started a GoFundMe page.

She wrote on her page: “I opened my door, and found a note from my neighbor. Regarding a set of rainbow jar solar lights hanging in my yard that spell out “Love” and “Ohana”. 

“Needless to say…  I need more rainbows… Many, many more rainbows… So, I am starting this fundraiser so I can work to make my Home even More “relentlessly gay”  If we go high enough, I will see if I can get a Rainbow Roof!


“Put simply, I am a widow and the mother of four children, my youngest in high school and I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!”

We support you, relentlessly…

Photos: Tumblr

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