I’m sure we’ve all had those moments while we’re trying to cook something, fix something, build something, and we’ve gotten a little stuck so we pull out our trusty YouTube app and search for a video tutorial to show us step by step what to do.

Whether it’s ‘how to curl your hair with a straightener’ or ‘how to fix the a leaking toilet’ there’s usually some whiz out there who’s posted a video to help us amateurs out.

But never did we think that there would be a YouTube video that explains to people ‘how to deliver your own baby’ because you would just assume that those who don’t know what to do would be in a hospital surrounded by doctors.

But for one woman, YouTube was her only answer when she found herself alone, in a hotel room in Istanbul, about to give birth to a child that she had only found out two months prior that she was pregnant with!

Tia, who is only 22-years-old from America, was on a plane on her way to Istanbul, Turkey for a stop over when she started feeling pain in her stomach. She dismissed it as some sort of food poisoning and went on to sleep for the rest of the flight.

However, once Tia had arrived in Istanbul the pain was starting to get worse. It wasn’t until she’d spent two hours going through customs and had made it back to her hotel, all while the pain was just getting worse, that she realised she might be having contractions.

After doing a quick google search on ‘how to work out if you’re going into Labour’, Tia quickly realised that it was go time and this baby was coming now whether she liked it or not.


Tia was travelling alone and didn’t know anyone that she could turn to for help in Istanbul. She also didn’t speak the language and had no idea how to contact emergency services.

She had only one option. Tia was going to have to give birth in her hotel room and so she turned to a YouTube tutorial for help.

Find out just how Tia managed to make it out of this terrifying situation all by herself and give birth to a healthy baby boy in the video above!

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