It seems that the supernatural is all around us.

Just recently we broke the story of little Luke, a 3-year old boy who believed he was a 30-year-old African American woman named ‘Pam’ in another life.

Since then, we’ve heard several different examples of stories like this, but none sent shivers down our spine like the one Tiarna told Kyle & Jackie O on air this morning. A tale of the ultimate father and son bond.

Tiarna, who was actually trying to call through for the Pop Quiz, got held in a phone queue and decided she may as well stay on and tell the story of her brother Daniel.

We spoke to Tiarna and her mother Mary after the show and got the full story.

Mary told me that when Daniel was just two and a half, he was on the floor playing with building blocks as his mother and grandmother were watching Home & Away.


Suddenly, Daniel perked up and told his mother and grandmother that he had died saving his dad and his dad’s brother (Daniel’s uncle) from drowning.

The pair burst into tears, as they remembered Daniel’s grandfather passing away years earlier saving Daniel’s father and uncle from drowning. Something that Daniel was too young to know or understand.

Mary told us that Daniel was always very serious for a little boy, “He was an old soul,” she said.

She spoke of another occasion, when they were on the way to the cemetery and through her rearview mirror Mary could see Daniel sitting in his carseat staring out the window.

“I was calling his name, ‘Daniel’, ‘Daniel?’ and he wouldn’t look at me, he just kept staring out the window.”


“Then I said, ‘Frank?’ and he turned around, looked me straight in the eye and smiled at me. I was so scared!”

Frank was Daniel’s grandfather’s name.

Mary told me that plenty of people used to comment on how much Daniel looked like his grandfather, and it seems as though they may have been closer than we think.

Is it purely coincidence, or a case of reincarnation?

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